To become the number ONE in our current community by offering the most inviting buying environment while saving our customer’s time and money building our brand to higher levels.


To deliver an outstanding shopping experience by offering the best service, value, quality and the freshest products while giving the best hospitality as an appreciation to the community.


Xiri, a household name in Terengganu for 16 years now in apparels and grocery items was founded by a visionary businessman from Batu Pahat, Mr. A.S. Low. What inspired a brave son of Batu Pahat to travel 500KM borth east to start a business in the East Coast of Malaysia is a fascinating story. It’s all in the name, they say and that was exactly the case with Xiri. In Chinese, Xiri means “red sun rising from the East”. Staying true to the spirit of this name, Mr. A.S. Low made a decisive move to start his business in Kuala Terengganu.


Xiri started from a visionary businessman who has built a foundation of great leaders and dedicated personnel.


Within 16 years, Mr. A.S. Low has built Xiri Group from selling in small scale at Expos to owning garment outlets and mini markets, while growing the community along the way. Here are some of it’s achievement highlights:

  • Mr. A.S. Low came to Kuala Terengganu to start his business in 2000,

  • He started his business by selling casual wear, kids wear and women wear at Expos held in all the provinces of Terengganu (Jerteh, Kemaman, Dungun, Paka, Kuala Terengganu, Kuala Berang and Setiu).

  • In just 3 years, Mr. A.S. Low managed to open his 1st business outlet at Jerteh

  • A year later in 2004, he relocated to this outlet in Jalan Bonggol, Kuala Terengganu where he started to sell school uniforms, Malay traditional clothing and other casual wear (today this outlet is more focused on selling school uniform under the company name Xiri Enterprise Sdn Bhd).

  • In 2007 8 AUGUST, Mr. A.S. Low ventured into super market business and opened his first Pasaraya at Wakaf Tapai.

  • In 2010, Mr. A.S. Low opened Xiri Kiddy House that exclusively caters for children apparels and later he opened Xiri Baby World under Xiri Kiddy House.

  • The Group’s second market was opened in 2012 18 FEB at Gong Badak and its third was opened in 13 JULY 2013 the following year at Kuala Berang.

  • On 2 June 2016, the Group’s Pasaraya Wakaf Tapai has been upgraded to a 50,000 square feet building and rebranded as PXR.

  • This 22 October 2016, the Group is expecting to open a 3-shoplot minimarket at Manir with the brand name, XR Mart. The XR Mart brand is set to expand to 10 different location in 5 years.

  • 2 years later, on 1 May 2018, Mr. A.S. Low has expanded its business through latest supermarket, PXR Gong Datuk.

  • Previously, items like vegetables & spices were packed by each XR Mart & PXR by themselves. Recognizing the importance of creating a place for packaging such products, on 16 May 2019 an outlet named DC (Distribution Center) was established.

  • In the same year, on 14 November 2019, another minimarket was established in Bukit Payung, under the XR Mart brand.

  • A year later, on 22 June 2020, PXR Bukit Tunggal was officially opened to the public. As for the record, PXR Bukit Tunggal is the biggest facility among all Xiri Group Sdn Bhd outlets with 120,000 square feet building.


  • And the milestone keep going in year 2023 as 15 years anniversary of Xiri with established of 3 more outlets which is PXR Jabi on 1 April, XR Mart Jalan Petani on 12 April and follow by their latest outlet, XR Mart Jerteh on 25 June 2023.